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Cristian Stet

Energy Transition Analyst

Cristian Stet is an Energy Transition Analyst at RaboResearch. His research focus is on power markets and on their increasing importance in relation to the Energy Transition.

Cristian finished his PhD in Energy Finance at Erasmus University Rotterdam. During his PhD, he focused on providing a better understanding on the flexibility needs of power markets in the context of an increasing share of supply from variable renewable sources. Cristian also holds an MSc in Finance and Investments from Erasmus University Rotterdam.

Publications Cristian Stet

Economic Comment

COP27 Takes a Step Toward Climate Justice But Fails To Contain Global Warming

Climate finance took center stage at COP27, resulting in an agreement to establish a “loss and damage” fund, albeit with all the details missing. Aside from this achievement, COP27 failed to bring us closer to the goal of limiting global warming to 1.5C compared to pre-industrial levels.

Economic Report

Will Talk Turn Into Action at the ‘African’ COP27?

During COP27 in Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt, the pledges made at COP26 will have to be converted into actions. This article discusses where COP26 left us and what we can expect from the coming ‘African COP.’


The complex task of reforming the EU’s electricity market

On September 14, the European Commission proposed specific intervention measures to address the soaring energy prices. Such intervention is a complex task, and any approach has its own drawbacks. This report reviews the proposal and contextualises it, among all the possible ones.

Economic Report

The Basics of Electricity Price Formation

Europe is facing very high prices for both natural gas and electricity. In many European countries, the prices of both commodities are related, most of the times. However, electricity prices are not pegged to natural gas prices. This article explains how electricity prices are established.


Growing European PPA markets adapt to new power markets reality

PPAs are on the rise in Europe, as such contracts are an increasingly popular way of financing the deployment of renewables. However, the growth in this market is not hurdle free. High power market volatility pushes players to rethink their strategies.


High EU Carbon Prices Are Structural, and Inaction Is Not an Option

The EU’s carbon market is going through a perfect storm of disruptions. Despite the current turbulence, we expect a structurally high EU carbon price for the long term. Companies affected by the EU ETS must start drafting their adaptation strategies.


EU ETS Basics: How a Market Can Help Reduce GHG Emissions

Urgent decarbonization requires significant investments. The EU’s carbon market, the EU ETS, was deployed in 2005 to enable them. This paper covers its story and basic principles, and how can it help trigger decarbonization investments.

Economic Report

Flexibility – The Key to Energy Transition

Flexibility is a key element in electricity markets dominated by wind and solar PV energy. Besides investing in renewables, we must also invest in assets offering sustainable flexibility such as demand response applications and storage.