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Carlijn Prins


Carlijn Prins works as economist for RaboResearch Netherlands.

She covers both short-term and long-term developments in the Dutch economy.

Carlijn has worked at the Economic Research Department since March 2014. She studied Economics and Communication Science at the University of Amsterdam.

Publications Carlijn Prins

Economic Update

France: recovery remains weak

Recent data show that the French economy did not grow in the first half of 2014 and the outlook for the second half is muted. Furthermore, the labour market remains weak and we expect unemployment to decrease at the end of 2015.


Japanscenario voor de eurozone? (Dutch)

Van verschillende zijden wordt er gesuggereerd dat het risico bestaat dat de eurozone in een ‘Japanscenario’ terechtkomt. Qua economische groei is dit al realiteit. De vraag is dan ook: hoe kan de eurozone zo’n lange economische kwakkelperiode vermijden?

Economic Comment

Eurozone: economie stagneert (Dutch)

Het licht teleurstellende eurozone BBP-cijfer in het tweede kwartaal van dit jaar (0% k-o-k) bevat grote onderlinge verschillen tussen de lidstaten.

Economic Update

France: recovery stuck in the starting blocks

The French economy registered growth of 0.0% in 2014Q1 q-o-q, caused by weak consumer spending, poor business investment and declining net exports. We expect these trends to continue and expect therefore a very modest recovery going forward.

Country Report

Country Report France

In the short-term at least, further fiscal austerity and weak employment growth will continue to constrain economic growth. Furthermore, the French economy faces many structural challenges, but still has robust fundamentals.

Country Report

Country Report Belgium

Despite the recovery of the economy, it has lost competitiveness due to higher labour cost and lower productivity growth than European countries. The government deficit decreased below 3% of GDP but the government debt level remains high.