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Boyd Biersteker


Boyd Biersteker works as an econometrician at RaboResearch Netherlands.

Boyd is a member of the team responsible for the analysis of the Dutch economy. He focuses on economic forecasting for different sectors within the Dutch economy.

Boyd studied Econometrics with a specialization in Data Science & Business Analytics at the University of Amsterdam.

Publications Boyd Biersteker

Economic Update Dutch version

The Netherlands: Prices go up more than negotiated wages

Recent figures support our expectations for lower economic growth in the Netherlands this and next year. Consumer confidence, for example, has rebounded slightly but is still negative. Meanwhile inflation appears to outstrip wage growth and the Dutch PMI has dropped.

Economic Comment

Weinig bewijs voor MKB-“financieringskloof” (Dutch)

Euler Hermes lijkt de MKB-financierskloof in Nederland te overschatten en is niet consistent met andere cijfers. De financiële gezondheid en hoge productiviteit van het MKB wijst er niet op dat een gebrek aan krediet structurele groei in de weg zit.