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Björn Giesbergen

Senior Economist

Björn Giesbergen worked as a senior economist at RaboResearch Global Economics & Markets.

He focused on developments in China, Japan and a number of other countries in the Asia-Pacific region. Björn regularly lectured on economic themes to Rabobank clients.

He previously was economist for RaboResearch The Netherlands and trainee at the Dutch Ministry of Finance. Björn studied International Economics and Finance at Tilburg University and Economics at the University of Amsterdam.

Publications Björn Giesbergen

Economic Report

Hong Kong’s airport’s closure and its meaning

The recent HKIA occupation has already hit Hong Kong’s economy and its global reputation; any repeat would be exponentially more damaging. Yet if such action were to trigger a crackdown from China the potential risks would be far larger than just to Hong Kong’s GDP or its reputation.


US-China trade war: no turning back

The recent announcement from the US to further up the ante in the trade dispute with China clearly marks a new escalation in the trade war. If one takes China’s recent response into account, it’s hard to see either side trying to ease tensions at this stage.

Economic Comment

China: Stimulus prevents further slowdown in growth

The lower GDP growth in the second quarter is in line with our expectations of a gradual economic slowdown. On the back of more government stimulus, June headed towards a slight recovery on several fronts. The question is not if, but when (trade) tensions with the US will flare up again.

Economic Quarterly Report Dutch version

Global economic outlook: Trade war not the only fly in the ointment

Our outlook for the global economy has become less rosy and the downside risks have increased. Global trade, for example, is clearly slowing down and we expect a recession in the US by the end of 2020. We also expect the trade war between the US and China to linger on for a sustained period of time.