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Björn Giesbergen


Björn Giesbergen works as an economist and country analyst at RaboResearch Global Economics & Markets.

He focuses on the economic and political developments in China and a number of other East Asian countries. Björn regularly lectures on economic themes to Rabobank clients.

He previously worked as a trainee at the Ministry of Finance. Björn studied International Economics and Finance at Tilburg University and Economics at the University of Amsterdam.

Publications Björn Giesbergen


Nederland in recessie als Chinese huizenbubbel barst (Dutch)

Een huizenmarktcrisis in China kan grote gevolgen hebben voor Nederland. Een Chinese huizenmarktcrisis met een verondersteld bbp-verlies van ruwweg 20 procent zou in Nederland leiden tot een cumulatief verlies van 6 procent. Dit is de helft van het verlies in Nederland na de Grote Recessie.


How serious is China’s housing market bubble?

Housing prices in China have been rising rapidly since the beginning of 2015 and it is the question whether or not this is supported by economic fundamentals. Possible negative economic consequences might be severe, since 12% of Chinese urban inhabitants live in ‘bubble-cities’.

Dutch Housing Market Quarterly Dutch version

Dutch housing market: more sales and higher prices

The Dutch house price and the number of transactions will continue to rise during the coming quarters. Growing purchasing power, rising employment, improving affordability and falling interest rates are the most positive factors.