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Barbara Kölbl

Sustainability Economist

Barbara K├Âlbl joined RaboResearch Regions, Innovation, Sustainability and Entrepreneurship in 2021 as a sustainability economist.

Barbara is working on climate risk stress testing as well as topics related to the energy transition and climate change economics.

Barbara obtained a PhD from Utrecht University for her research about the deployment potential and economic impacts of Carbon Capture and Storage in the future energy system. Before joining RaboResearch, Barbara worked as a credit risk model consultant for Rabobank and as an economist for the financial stability department of the Dutch Central Bank.

Publications Barbara Kölbl


Economic impacts of a carbon tax

The economic impacts of a CO2 tax on combustion vary strongly across sectors, countries and scenarios. Yet, for overall Dutch GDP, it may not matter much whether the tax is introduced only in the Netherlands or also in the EU, EFTA and UK.


The Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism explained

The Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism introduces a carbon levy on some EU imports. It should help create a carbon level playing field for EU producers. The EU seems to prefer international cooperation on climate, but will move forward if partners move too slow.