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Alexandra Dumitru


Alexandra Dumitru works as macro-economist for RaboResearch Global Economics & Markets.

Her main responsibility are economic and political developments in the UK and Ireland, including Brexit. Alexandra is also involved in research and projects regarding climate change and energy, such as the UNEP FI TCFD workgroup.

Alexandra has been working as an economist for Rabobank since February 2013. In the first five years she focused on country risk research and policy in various regions, including four years of bearing responsibility for Latin America. In the past, Alexandra held various positions at UTZ Certified, a certification programme for sustainable agriculture, and at the Private Sector Investment Programme (PSI), a development cooperation subsidy programme of the Dutch government aimed at alleviating poverty through economic development. Alexandra holds a degree in Economics from VU University Amsterdam.

Publications Alexandra Dumitru

Country Report

Country Report Mozambique

Mozambique’s nascent coal and gas sector support brisk economic growth, but the benefits do not trickle down and institutions remain weak.

Country Report

Country Report Ghana

Ghana sees robust economic growth on the back of the nascent oil sector, but the lack of fiscal discipline raises concerns about future debt sustainability and increasing vulnerabilities.

Country Report

Country Report Kenya

Peaceful elections in 2013 restored confidence in Kenya’s political stability to some extent and bode well for economic development, while the large twin deficits remain a matter of concern.

Country Report

Country Report Mauritius

The economy of Mauritius, an offshore financial centre in the Indian Ocean, suffered from the turmoil in Europe. Still, the government found the room for significant fiscal consolidation.

Country Report

Country Report Egypt

The political stalemate in Egypt pushes the downtrodden economy further into the abyss. However, Egypt is expected to muddle through until the elections, but the downside risks are high.

Country Report

Country Report Tunisia

Political polarization and an upsurge in radicalization make stability maintenance a challenge for Tunisia, while its realization is essential for a recovery of the economy and for restoring the increasing external and fiscal imbalances.

Country Report

Country Report Morocco

The popular Moroccan king maintains political stability, but the macroeconomic imbalances are aggravating as long as reforming the excessive subsidy bill is staved off.

Country Report

Country Report Nigeria

Nigeria had a good economic performance in recent year, but low social development and poor governance persist.

Economic Update

Economic Update Emerging Markets

If being disappointed is worse than being angry, the World is in a terrible place. However, one can read two things into disappointment either: the performance is really bad, or the expectations were too high.

Country Report

Country Report Malta

Malta, an offshore financial centre indeed, but unlikely to follow suit on Cyrpus.