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Alexandra Dumitru

Team lead of Sustainability Data & Analytics

Alexandra Dumitru worked as the team lead of Sustainability Data & Analytics and as a senior economist within RaboResearch Regions Innovations Sustainability & Entrepreneurship.

Her main focus was climate change and related topics. Alexandra was also involved in research and projects regarding climate change and energy, such as the UNEP FI TCFD workgroup.

Alexandra has worked as an economist for Rabobank since February 2013. In the first five years she focused on country risk research and policy in various regions, including four years of bearing responsibility for Latin America. In the following two years she followed the economic and political developments in the UK and Ireland, during Brexit turmoil.

In the past, Alexandra held various positions at UTZ Certified, a certification programme for sustainable agriculture, and at the Private Sector Investment Programme (PSI), a development cooperation subsidy programme of the Dutch government aimed at alleviating poverty through economic development. Alexandra holds a degree in Economics from VU University Amsterdam.

Publications Alexandra Dumitru


Economic impacts of a carbon tax

The economic impacts of a CO2 tax on combustion vary strongly across sectors, countries and scenarios. Yet, for overall Dutch GDP, it may not matter much whether the tax is introduced only in the Netherlands or also in the EU, EFTA and UK.


The Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism explained

The Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism introduces a carbon levy on some EU imports. It should help create a carbon level playing field for EU producers. The EU seems to prefer international cooperation on climate, but will move forward if partners move too slow.


Groene consument tast in het duister (Dutch)

Bedrijven en mensen zijn doordrongen van het klimaatprobleem en willen best hun gedrag aanpassen. Maar met welke actie ben je het meest duurzaam bezig? Daar moet meer duidelijkheid over komen, schrijft Rabobank-econoom Alexandra Dumitru.

Economic Update

United Kingdom: Brexit hangover

Brexit will get messier under Boris Johnson’s leadership and the British economy is already suffering from the Brexit uncertainty. The economic outlook for 2019 is modest and shadowed by the prospect of a hard Brexit on 31 October.

Economic Comment

Brexit update – Brexit 2.0

Boris Johnson is the new British Prime Minister and his team of hardcore Brexiteers points towards a tougher stance on Brexit under his leadership. Brexit is just about to get messier in the coming months.

Economic Report

Brexit update - Johnson in the lead

Conservative MP’s have pre-selected Johnson and Hunt as the candidates the party member can vote for to become the new PM. Johnson has so far been in the lead, which spells a lot of trouble for Brexit.

Economic Comment

Brexit Update: Game over?

Theresa May has said she will resign on 7 June, after her last attempt to save the EU-UK deal failed to garner sufficient support last week. A tougher stance on Brexit and more political turmoil are likely to follow.

Economic Report

Brexit Update: Going nowhere fast

The UK held local elections in England and Northern Ireland on May, 2nd. The Conservatives and Labour took a drubbing in the polls. Meanwhile, Tory- Labour talks on the desired Brexit outcome are going nowhere fast.