RaboResearch - Economic Research

Our researchers

RaboResearch - Economic Research is Rabobank‚Äôs economic thinktank. Two specialised research teams track, analyse and forecast economic developments in the Netherlands and around the world. They publish their findings periodically and all these publications are available on this website.

RaboResearch Netherlands analyses and forecasts economic developments in the Netherlands. The focus is not only on the near term, but also on the medium and long term. As part of its mandate, the NR team extensively covers the Dutch housing market, labour market, government finances, financial sector and regional economic developments.

RaboResearch Global Economics & Markets analyses and forecasts economic developments around the world. It also conducts country risk analysis and to that end writes country reports, provides country and sovereign risk ratings.

The results of the research conducted by our department are found in internal memorandums, external studies, columns and articles in newspapers, economic magazines and journals. Our economists also present their findings to internal and external clients. as well as the media. Periodic publications of our department include the Economic Quarterly Report, Outlook 20xx, the Dutch Housing Market Quarterly, Economic Updates and Country Reports.

Financial Markets Research

RaboResearch - Economic Research intensively collaborates with Financial Markets Research (FMR). The FMR team aims to provide wholesale clients with sufficient access to meaningful information and analysis to help with their risk management and investment decisions. Coverage areas include Macro, Rates (Govvies, SSA), FX and Credit (Financials, Corporates, ABS). Our analysts and strategists are located in dealing rooms in Utrecht, London, Hong Kong, New York and Sao Paolo. The following FMR colleagues regularly write contributions on this website: Elwin de GrootJan Lambregts and Michael Every. Visit the FMR website.