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Costa Rica (Country Report)

Thanks to considerable fiscal stimulus, Costa Rica has weathered the global economic crisis and the decline in US demand for its exports relatively well. As stimulus is not yet withdrawn and prospects for the US economy are improving, economic growth for the next years is expected to reach 4.3% on average

Economic Update Dutch version

Monthly Update The Netherlands

Exports continue to determine the Dutch economic situation. Growth of domestic demand is far from exuberant. In December inflation climbed with the highest average rise since March 2009. During 2010 both collectively agreed (CAO) wages and inflation rose by the same amount, while wage increases ran above inflation, on average. The situation on the Dutch labour market improved again, but weaker groups remain less successful.

Economic Update Dutch version

Economic Update Belgium

The moderate economic recovery of 2010, primarily driven by export growth, will probably continue this year. It remains to be seen to what extent domestic demand will be able to start supporting this recovery. Consumers and producers are rather optimistic, in spite of the political stalemate. However, the government will eventually be forced to start imposing budget cuts, which will suppress domestic demand growth.

Economic Update Dutch version

Economic Update Germany

GDP growth in 2010 was strongest since unification thanks to strong exports and investment. The export outlook has become far less certain. Consumption shows no sign of revival as nominal wage growth remains subdued. Inflationary pressures are building amid sharp rebound in commodity prices, the country’s strong economic conditions and the ultra loose monetary policy stance of the ECB.

Economic Update Dutch version

Economic Update Italy

The sluggish economic recovery seems to have come to a halt in the last quarter of 2010. Export growth kept up well, but this has not been translated into higher industrial production. In all, the Italian economy had a rather weak close to 2010. With government austerity having started in January 2011, the start of this year probably has not been much stronger.

Country Report

Dominican Republic (Country report)

After having avoided dipping into recession in 2009 on the back of countercyclical fiscal and monetary stimulus made possible by an IMF stand-by agreement, the Dominican Republic’s economic recovery outpaced most of its neighbours in 2010. I