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Dutch Housing Market Quarterly Dutch version

Dutch Housing Market Quarterly

The residential property market is still showing no sign of recovery. In the first quarter of 2011, the average house price in the Netherlands fell by 0.5% com- pared to the previous quarter.

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Poland (Country update)

The general trend in Poland is continuation. Economic growth was solid at almost 4% in 2010 and is expected to stay at this level this year. The key factor will be whether investment will kick in again.

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Turkey (Country report)

The sudden contraction of the economy in 2009 was followed by a rapid recovery in 2010. Although the economy of Turkey is known for its flexibility, the risk of overheating has moved to the forefront.

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Bahrein (Country report)

Bahrain is a rich, small, liberal and free-trade island economy, which houses an important regional financial center and some major oil and aluminum processing plants. This combined with its strategic position between Saudi Arabia’s oil fields and nuclear Iran caused the US navy to select this kingdom as its most important base in the Persian Gulf

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Egypt (Country report)

A wave of protests of relatively loosely organized youth groups with support of Islamist and civil organizations forced an end to the 30+ years of Mubarak rule.

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Bermuda (Country report)

Being renowned for its business-friendly tax climate and sophisticated financial infrastructure, the country has become the largest (re)insurance jurisdiction in the World after New York and London. Maintaining Bermuda’s favourable operating environment for the financial sector is a key policy objective.

Country Report

Spain (Country report)

The Spanish economy is still coping with the consequences of the housing market boom and bust. We expect weak economic growth both this year and next, leading only to a very modest decline in the unemployment rate.