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Economic Update Dutch version

Country Update United Kingdom

Recently released data point to very weak private consumption growth in 2011. Of note is the drop in consumer confidence, due to falling real wages. Inflation remains high and the previous rise in commodity prices will push it further towards 5%.

Economic Report Dutch version

Pension agreement for the future

A year after signing the agreement in principle on the future of the Dutch pension system, the social partners approved the final draft of the pension agreement on 9 June 2011. Reform of the Dutch pension system is inescapable.

Country Report

Norway (Country report)

The economic outlook for the Norwegian economy is solid. As there have been significant fiscal and monetary stimulus measures during the crisis, it’s now time for the government to step back.

Economic Update Dutch version

Country Update the Netherlands

From the revised growth figures can be concluded that the recession was not as deep as was originally thought. The government is falling behind in meeting its saving target, while the sustainability of government finances is the greatest challenge.