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Credit crisis puts mortgage funding in eurozone countries to the test

The credit crisis has affected different European mortgage markets in differing ways. This Special Report argues that those differences can be largely traced to the degree of countries’ dependence on securitisations as a source of funding before the crisis.


A new global financial infrastructure

Since the collapse of the Bretton Woods exchange rate system in 1971, the world’s monetary system has been based on a so-called ‘paper standard’. In this system, the US dollar plays the role of global currency anchor.

Country Report

Country Report Paraguay

Paraguay has posted a very high economic growth rate in 2010, thanks to rapid growth of exports of soybeans and meat. However, the economic structure of the country remains weak, in particular through the strong dependence on agricultural export products.

Country Report

Country Report Romania

The fragile political stability is currently the main weakness of Romania. Although the cabinet survived three votes of no-confidence last year, dissatisfaction also within the coalition over the harsh austerity measures is rising.

Country Report

Country Report Bulgaria

Economic recovery in Bulgaria was weak in 2010 (-0.1%), largely because domestic demand and investment were suppressed by higher unemployment and still tight credit conditions. For 2011 and 2012, a slow recovery is expected to around 2.5% and 3.5%, respectively.

Country Report

Country Report Azerbaijan

After Azerbaijan managed to post strong growth in 2009, slow growth in oil and gas output will constrain GDP growth to between 3 and 4 percent in the coming years.

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Basel III: tough but realistic

In November 2010 government leaders endorsed the more stringent bank capital and liquidity requirements,as proposed by the Basel committee. Although the new requirements are to be phased in gradually and will be less tough than initially proposed, the impact of the Basel III accord will nonetheless be considerable.