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What a right-wing coalition would bring Italy

Italian elections on September 25 are set to be won by the conservative right coalition. Importantly, Italy will continue to support sanctions against Russia and eurozone membership, but frictions with the EU and the risk of fiscal slippage will increase.

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The Basics of Electricity Price Formation

Europe is facing very high prices for both natural gas and electricity. In many European countries, the prices of both commodities are related, most of the times. However, electricity prices are not pegged to natural gas prices. This article explains how electricity prices are established.


US: Technical Recession

The advance estimate for Q2 GDP growth shows that the US is in a ‘technical recession’, which means two consecutive quarters of negative GDP growth. Meanwhile, the strong labor market is telling a different story. Therefore, it is not likely that the current economic circumstances will lead the NBER to call an official recession in H1.

Economic Update

Italy: Elections amid a cost of living crisis

In the second quarter, Italy’s economy performed better than expected and GDP is again larger than pre-pandemic. Still, a recession looks inevitable going forward, due to the cost of living crisis. After elections, policy could move significantly right.

Economic Update

Eurozone GDP surprise masks weakening trend

The Eurozone economy beat expectations in the second quarter, as it grew by 0.7%. We still expect the eurozone economy to enter a shallow recession in the winter, although the risks of a severe contraction due to an energy crisis have increased.